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Providing You with Health Care at Home

Compassionate, Caring, Helping Hand - We provide skilled non-medical home care for the elderly and senior adults. We empower seniors who can and want to heal or age in place- in the comfort and safety of your own home rather than some other place.Our professional and trained staff provides assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) for seniors who find they need a helping hand enabling them to maintain their quality of life, dignity, lifestyle and independence in their community. Our staff works diligently to provide respite for caregivers and support for family members as well.


Adult Healthcare Solutions provides these medically supervised services to the patient at home:

  • Check and ensure eating and drinking meets nutritional requirements.

  • Check for blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and breathing. 

  • Check that prescription and other drugs, and any treatments are administered correctly.

  • Check for comfort and ensure patients are not in pain.

  • Check for safety in the home.

  • Teach the patient how to care for themselves.

  • Coordinate their care - communicating regularly with all persons participating in the person's care including doctors.

  • Help with transition from hospital to the home.

Professional Staffing 

Our trained and professional staff provides respite for caregivers. Respite is defined as the care of a handicapped or dependent elderly ill person providing relief for their usual caregiver. 

Our Mission 

 Quality of life for all our in-home healthcare clients is the guiding principle for our organization.  


Our staff’s overall mission is to provide services enabling the wellness, dignity, safety and care of the elderly and seniors in their home. We provide families and caregivers with the help and support they need to have peace of mind regarding the care of their loved one.

We strive to be the area’s and the nation’s premier in-home health care provider. 


Our due diligence is to select health care personnel who first and foremost are professional, thoughtful, helpful and compassionate.


We pay  particular attention to and verify required training as a Personal Care Assistant or Certified Nursing Assistant.  The training is essential to our client’s wellbeing.

Let us help you learn what you need to know to obtain Medicaid Assistance to pay for In-Home Health Care click here,  visit Adult Healthcare Blog

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